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Playing poker may sometimes be tedious and may tend to get difficult and it is for this reason that software developers have come up with go to software that can help you in one way or another as you play the game. However, most software is designed to help individuals at certain levels and hence you may not find some of them beneficial to you if you are on a different level. Here are reviews of different poker software that are commonly used.




The odds calculator




This program works best for intermediates or novice poker players as professional players may not find it helpful. One downloads the software and enables it to run whenever they open the poker room software. It then follows your steps while analyzing your moves and also takes in to consideration the best possible moves that you can take at that moment. Every aspect of the game can be read by the software including the size of bets you have placed, your hole cards and even the cards at hand among many more. Using these pieces of information, the calculator applies the use of other integrations such as pot odds to process and advise you on what move you should take next.




This software comes in handy for players that are struggling to learn the rules and would like bits of strategies given to them.








Game trackers




Game trackers are sets of software that help you to keep tabs on your game progress and show you areas that you can improve in. They are probably one of the must have software for any online poker player as they are considered to be the complete set. They open and run on the background whenever one opens the poker interface and then tabulates the results and analyzes them in form of graphs. Every bit of data is considered making it accurate. Most online players use them to record wins and loses correctly and then help them to detect their areas of weaknesses.




It is suitable for intermediate and advanced poker players that play frequently. The most popular game tracker is the Holdem Manager.




Equity calculators




Unlike odds calculators, these software operate online and can’t be downloaded. Most of them are free and can be found on the official website of their owners. There are a few unique ones that can however be downloaded. It does this by simulating two different hands that could possibly win and compare them leaving you with the best option that you could use. The cards that appear on the board can be chosen by the software or by you which means that you are able to determine your chances of winning at each different stage.




PokerStove is an example of such software which many players have found reliable. These kinds of software are recommended for use by players at any levels, be it professionals or beginners. However for novices, they may find them difficult to use at first until they learn a few basic approaches.